What do you get when you combine water, soap, and a tile bathroom floor? A potential slippery mess! Eagle Highland Pharmacy of Indianapolis, IN gives you three ways to enhance bathroom safety.

1. Install a grab bar.

Getting in and out of the bathtub is not always an easy task. The reality is that age, injury, or other physical conditions can make your daily shower that much more difficult. A grab bar is a great way to enhance bathroom safety. Holding a grab bar while you enter and exit the tub gives you added stability—and something to steady you if you start to slip.

2. Add toilet rail stability.

Bad knees, an achy back, or recent surgery makes simple bathroom tasks a chore. Using the toilet can be one such difficulty. However, toilet rails can make getting up and down easier.

3. Give yourself a shower bench break.

Cleaning your feet or shaving your legs is much easier if you’re sitting down. Consider installing or purchasing a shower chair or shower bench to aid in shower safety. You can find both temporary shower chairs as well as more permanent shower bench solutions.

To purchase these and other bathroom safety products, contact Eagle Highland Pharmacy at 317-299-3771. Eagle Highland Pharmacy has served the greater Indy area for more than 25 years as the area’s premier compounding pharmacy and medical supply expert. Let us help you make your bathroom safer for years to come!