What should you be concerned about regarding your health? As the leading cause of death in the world, heart disease is influenced by a number of factors, including family history and lifestyle. Simply put, you can’t control genetics. However, you are in control of your diet. EatingWell.com has published an article for ways to improve your heart’s health through simple diet improvements. For a healthy heart, follow these 7 diet tips:

  1. Green And Red Healthy FoodKnow the differences in fats: Replacing saturated with unsaturated fats in your diet can lower your cholesterol. Switch from butter to oil-based substances.
  2. Lower sodium intake: When you’re choosing between two kinds of the same food product, check the sodium content. The differences in sodium can range between hundreds of milligrams, so select the product with the least amount of sodium.
  3. Eat foods rich in potassium: Diets that are high in potassium can help lower blood pressure. Bananas are a great source of potassium — just one banana has 12 percent of the recommended daily dose. You can also eat sweet potatoes, nonfat yogurt, and spinach to get a boost of potassium.
  4. Choose whole fruit: Although fruit juices do offer health benefits, whole fruits provide better results. Compared to orange juice, an actual orange has more fiber and fewer calories.
  5. Go nuts: Some varieties of nuts are high in healthy unsaturated fats. Make sure you check the labels though, as some nuts are actually rich in saturated fat.
  6. Eat more fish: Did you know that studies show that eating fish actually protects the heart? Any fish that have omega-3 fatty acids are an especially great choice for increasing your heart’s health.
  7. Switch to whole grain options: If you’re keen on white bread, this information could drastically change your diet. Refined carbohydrates are lower in fiber and nutrients that whole grain. Your heart will benefit from making the switch to whole grain products.

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