While most Indianapolis residents look forward to the cooler temperatures of autumn, fall also welcomes the arrival of cold and flu season. We at Eagle Highland Pharmacy are prepared for the influx of people needing antiviral medication for the flu. However, we’d rather help you prevent illness in the first place. We recommend that you follow the CDC’s three-step approach to ward off illness this fall and winter.

flu season

1. Get the flu vaccine.

The CDC says that the best way to stay well and to take a preventative approach is to get the flu vaccine. If you aren’t sure where to get the vaccination, just call our compounding pharmacy, and we can help you find an Indianapolis flu shot location.

2. Take precautions.

The best way to stay healthy is to take precautionary measures. The cold and flu virus is spread mainly through contact with other infected people or surfaces with the virus on them. Viruses commonly spread when someone has contact with the virus and then touches his or her face, mouth, eyes, or nose. Therefore, wash your hands frequently, avoid contact with people who have a cold or flu, and avoid touching your eyes, face, or mouth (especially without first washing or disinfecting). And if you do get sick, stay home to help avoid spreading the illness further.

3. Take your meds.

If you get the flu virus and your doctor prescribes you antiviral flu medication, we recommend that you take the entire prescription as directed. At Eagle Highland Pharmacy, we can get you just the right antiviral prescription you need as well as other medical supplies to help you fight off symptoms and stay as comfortable as possible.

We hope by following these suggestions you will be able to stay well and avoid getting a seasonal cold or flu. For more stay-healthy tips or to ask about our compounding pharmacy, contact Eagle Highland Pharmacy of Indianapolis at 317-299-3771.

photo credit: Clean via photopin (license)