No one plans to fall or to be the victim of an accident. However, life happens, and you may find yourself with injuries you didn’t anticipate. When the unexpected happens, you can rely on Eagle Highland Pharmacy of Indianapolis to have the medical supplies you need to survive.


We offer a wide range of medical supplies that can help you be more comfortable and maintain your mobility, whether your injuries are temporary or will be around for a while. You don’t want to be stuck at home. However, a wheelchair or crutches may make the difference between you being at home and being able to go to the grocery store as usual. At Eagle Highland Pharmacy, we offer both these medical supplies for long-term purchase or for short-term rent.

Other supplies you may find useful include:

In addition to basic safety and mobility supplies, Eagle Highland Pharmacy is also a compounding pharmacy. We can work with your physician to formulate prescriptions that focus on your individual medical needs. (To find out more about compounding, check out this blog.) Our pharmacists have years of experience, and many Indianapolis residents travel across town to get this level of specialized care.

At Eagle Highland Pharmacy, we know that unexpected injuries can make everyday living difficult. However, with our inventory of medical supplies and customer-service-oriented pharmacy, we can help you adjust. Life doesn’t have to go on without you.

To find out more about our medical supplies or our compounding pharmacy, contact Eagle Highland Pharmacy at 317-299-3771. We are a local pharmacy that prides itself in individualized customer care. Our values have kept us serving Indianapolis residents since 1987, and we hope we can serve you too.

photo credit: Walker, Crutches, Wheelchair via photopin (license)