The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and apparently, copious amounts of food. No matter where we go, we can’t escape the platters of sugar cookies, boxes of fudge, calorie-encrusted coffee cakes, and rich cheese spreads. From office parties to family gatherings, these tasty treats never stop tempting. This renders already hard tasks like eating healthy and watching weight nearly impossible. However, don’t give up on healthy habits! O, The Oprah Magazine has helpful advice to surviving any sugary party in Indiana and beyond. The article, “8 Ways to Survive Holiday Parties Without Gaining Weight,” written by Kathryn Matthews, offers the following tips:
  1. Don’t arrive at a party hungry. Make sure to snack on some healthy foods before leaving for the party. Eating a salad, yogurt, or a piece of fruit beforehand ensures you won’t fill up entirely on junk food.
  2. Do eat small portions. You can have a piece of that death-by-chocolate cake. Just make sure it’s a small piece. Portion rationing is key.
  3. Don’t drink too much alcohol. Even if there’s an open bar, make sure to limit the amount of alcohol you drink. After all, alcohol contains several hidden calories.
  4. Do keep working out. It can be hard to keep up a workout routine, especially while traveling. Try doing workout videos online instead.
In addition to these tips, I would also suggest keeping a log of what you eat. I’m always less tempted to have another cookie if I realize that I’ve already eaten three truffles and two pieces of pie. Health Support Located in Indy, Eagle Highland Pharmacy is here to help you stay healthy this winter. Whether you’re looking for vitamins, weight-loss supplements, or medicines, our pharmacists can help you find it. We specialize in compounding, treating pharmaceutical care as the art it is. We also have a variety of medical supplies on-site, such as wheelchairs, lift chairs, compression stockings, and more. Contact at 317-299-3771 with any questions. We look forward to serving you.