If you’ve ever had to do in-patient care at the hospital, you know how tired and weak you feel when you’re finally given the okay to go home. Even spending the morning, afternoon, or evening at the emergency room is exhausting. When you’re released, all you want to do is go home and sleep in your own bed. However, most serious ailments require some kind of continued medicine and medical supplies to help you fully heal, which means an obligatory trip to the drug store or pharmacy on your way home.

I’ve been in this situation several times, and normally things progress like this:

  1. Spend several sleepless nights in the hospital (or several hours of testing in the ER) due to an ailment.
  2. Finally get released with a long list of medications that need filled.
  3. Wait several minutes at a supermarket pharmacy while my prescriptions are filled, getting a headache from the racket of noisy carts and loud shoppers.
  4. Visit several different stores and pharmacies, trying to track down a specific medical supply that I need and can’t find.
  5. Collapse at home hours later, completely exhausted from the effort.

When you’re hurting, you need help now—and you shouldn’t have to run all over Indy to acquire the medical supplies you need.

Eagle Highland Pharmacy is your one-stop shop for prescriptions, supplies, and a kindhearted staff who can answer your questions. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, we offer our customers fast, efficient care and several unique pharmaceutical services:

  • We have a large variety of medical supplies at our store, featuring everything from support braces to lift chairs and wheelchair options.
  • We can quickly fill all of your prescriptions.
  • We offer compounding services— tailored medications we mix especially for you.

At Eagle Highland Pharmacy, you can get everything you need right here, right now. The next time you need medical supplies, contact our caring pharmacists at 317-299-3771. We’ll quickly help you get everything on your list so you can move on to the most important thing—getting better.