If you’ve recently become a wheelchair user, you can still enjoy a fit and active lifestyle. Whether you try new workouts or you alter your old favorites, staying active will positively affect both your physical and mental health.

According to the “Physical Activity and Health” report from the Surgeon General at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “People with disabilities are less likely to engage in regular moderate physical activity than people without disabilities, yet they have similar needs to promote their health and prevent unnecessary disease.”

Exercising should be a priority for everyone. However, what are the best ways for wheelchair users to exercise? An article written by the National Health Service, called “Fitness Advice for Wheelchair Users”, says that wheelchair users should engage in two types of workouts throughout the week. The first is cardiovascular exercise.

Cardiovascular Exercises

In the article Philip Gill, a specialist who trains fitness professionals to serve people with disabilities, suggests doing the following cardiovascular activities:

•Wheelchair sprinting

•Rowing machines


•Wheelchair sports such as basketball and badminton

Strengthening Exercises

Gill also recommends strengthening the major muscle groups — especially the chest and shoulder muscles. Wheelchair users often have overdeveloped chest and shoulder muscles because they use them constantly to propel their wheelchairs. Since the back muscles don’t help propel, they’re often underdeveloped. Taking the time to strengthen back muscles helps even out the muscle and release tension.

Lifting weights and using resistance bands are both good ways to build and tone muscle. Some local gyms in Indy also offer special equipment and areas adapted to wheelchair users.

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