As Indiana temperatures begin to drop below freezing, residents are digging out their quilts, slippers, and hot chocolate provisions to weather the winter. Whether we like it or not, winter is quickly approaching, and we need to prepare.

In fact, we need to prepare in more ways than one. Winter is always accompanied by a plethora of cold, slippery precipitation. Snow, ice, sleet, hail, and freezing rain can create hazardous conditions that wreak as much havoc on sidewalks as they do on freeways. Everyone needs to exercise extra caution when walking this winter, especially those who are more susceptible to falls, like the elderly and people with injuries.

Winter Mobility Supplies

From the simple to the more involved, below are some medical supplies that can help you navigate confidently and safely this winter:

  • Knee braces and cast shoes: These small aids have a big impact. A knee brace or cast shoe will help give your knee, ankle, or foot extra support while you heal from an injury.
  • Canes and walkers: Imbalance is one of the major reasons people fall. Walking with a cane or walker allows you to step with confidence and maintain your independence.
  • Wheelchairs: Whether you’re using a wheelchair temporarily or permanently, finding a stable wheelchair that allows you to safely navigate the snow is imperative. Some wheelchair companies even make snow tires for extra safety.

While these aids will help, they can’t completely protect you from the slippery symptoms of winter. Make sure to read about more ways to stay healthy and prevent falls.

At Eagle Highland Pharmacy, we’re dedicated to helping you stay safe this winter. Whether you need to find a knee brace or buy a walker, we stock a large variety of medical supplies at our Indy pharmacy. As a one-stop health shop, we can also fill any prescriptions you may have or do specialty compounding. You can contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff members at 317-299-3771. We look forward to serving you.