In the past few years a new trend has reemerged in America: multigenerational living. A Pew study shows that, as of 2009, over 50 million Americans lived in multigenerational households—a statistic that increased ten percent from the 2007 statistics. These new living situations normally refer to aging parents moving in with their middle-aged children, as well as 20-somethings who have returned to the nest after a brief, solo flight alone.Lennar, one of the country’s largest homebuilders, is so certain that multigenerational living will last that it developed a whole new home design based on the concept. It’s called, “Next Gen – The Home within a Home.” This new home incorporates a suite with a bedroom, eat-in kitchenette, and living room into the main home’s design. The “apartment living quarters” can either naturally flow into the rest of the home or be independent of it.

Nest Preparation

If your aging parents may be moving in with you, it isn’t necessary to build an entirely new home. However, it is wise to make some adjustments to the homefront. If you’re going through this transition, Eagle Highland Pharmacy is here to help.

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