If you’ve never had a wheelchair user in your house before, you may be surprised at how inaccessible and unsafe certain rooms are. If someone in your home is going to start using a wheelchair—even just temporarily—it’s important to make some changes.

While not meant to be an all-encompassing guide, the next few entries do offer some helpful suggestions about ways to make your home friendlier to wheelchair users. You’ll find practical steps and recommended medical supplies to help get started.

Bathroom Changes

Sometimes slippery and normally small, a bathroom can be a potentially dangerous room. The following changes will help increase safety and independence:

  • Install grab bars near the toilet and the bath or shower for stability.
  • Purchase a shower chair to help facilitate independence in the shower.
  • Buy a raised toilet seat. It can improve balance.
  • Remove all bath mats and rugs from the bathroom. These can cause maneuverability problems.

You may also want to research getting a handicap-accessible bath or shower for added safety and convenience.

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