How accessible is your home to a wheelchair user? The average house needs to undergo several changes before it’s truly safe and wheelchair friendly. The last entry showed how, through a few simple bathroom renovations, you could increase maneuverability and independence. Now we’ll take a close look at the living room.

Living Room Remedies

Often the family’s favorite hangout spot, living rooms are the best places to read, talk, or have a movie night. However the closely placed couches, recliners, and ottomans that make this area so appealing and cozy can be difficult to navigate in a wheelchair.

Most families can remedy this obstacle by simply rearranging the furniture—something that’s fun to do, anyway. While you’re finding your new layout, make sure to leave approximately 32”–36” (the specifications of passage for wheelchairs, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act so that everyone can pass through comfortably.

Getting Comfortable

Another way to increase self-sufficiency and comfort is investing in a lift chair. Lift chairs are just like comfortable, over-sized recliners, except they have special lifting, lowering, and tilting capabilities that help people with limited mobility sit down, stand up, and get comfortable.

If you’re in the process of making your home more wheelchair accessible, is here to help. In addition to selling and renting wheelchairs, we also have a large variety of lift chairs and other medical supplies on-site. Our caring staff has been serving Indianapolis, Indiana, since 1987 and would love to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at 317-299-3771; we look forward to serving you.