No one wants to come down with a nasty flu or pesky cold—potentially interfering with that much-anticipated family gathering or New Year’s Eve party. In order to stave off illness, consider these stay-healthy tips from the best compounding pharmacy in Indianapolis: Eagle Highland Pharmacy.

1. Wash your hands regularly.

You’ve probably heard this advice since you were a kid, but not everyone is great at following it. However, if you’re trying to avoid illness, washing your hands with warm water and soap is a must—especially as you’re out and about in Indianapolis.

2. Make healthy choices.

The CDC says that practicing healthy habits is essential to staying well and avoiding contagious illnesses like the flu. So make sure you’re eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and drinking the recommended daily amount of water. We at Eagle Highland Pharmacy also recommend regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are often touched in your home—like door knobs, kitchen tables and counters, or even remote controls!

3. Heed your doctor’s advice.

If your physician recommends the influenza vaccine, a custom prescription from a compounding pharmacy, or a nap, carefully consider the medical professional’s advice. This way, you can feel better faster and avoid spreading potentially contagious illnesses.

If you do find yourself home sick, contact Eagle Highland Pharmacy to fill your prescriptions. We are a compounding pharmacy that specializes in creating custom medication as prescribed by your doctor. Be sure to tell your physician if you struggle taking certain types of medicine, because our pharmacists compounding your medicine may be able to offer you alternatives—from capsules to flavored liquids.

Eagle Highland Pharmacy is Indianapolis’s premier compounding pharmacy and medical supply expert. In addition to filling a prescription, you can also get medical supplies and safety or mobility products for your home or car. Call Eagle Highland Pharmacy today at 317-299-3771.