Very few things in life work well for everyone, so why take a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine? At Eagle Highland Pharmacy, we treat you like the individual you are. Whether you have a minor ailment or a chronic disease, our qualified pharmacists can compound the perfect medicine for your body’s needs.

Compounding is an old art that modern medicine left behind. However, now it’s growing in popularity. Instead of taking the “one-kind-heals-all” approach, a pharmacist uses this science to custom design a prescription specifically for one individual. Patients receive a medicine made from scratch that’s formulated just for them.

The Many Forms of Medicine

In addition to designing medicine from scratch, compounding can also change the form of a pre-existing medicine. If you can’t swallow a pill, we can make it in liquid form. If you can’t take medicine orally at all, we can often change it to a topical application. These changes tailor the medicine for your needs.

If regular prescriptions, antibiotics, or other medicinal treatments don’t seem to work for you, compounding may be the best choice. Talk with your doctor today about trying a custom-made remedy.

Since few pharmacies in Indy are qualified to practice this science, come to Eagle Highland Pharmacy and benefit from this specialized care. In addition to compounding, we also fill prescriptions and offer almost any kind of medical supply you could need. In fact, we keep many medical supplies on-site, such as lift chairs and wheelchairs, so you can have immediate access to them when you need them. Please contact us today at (317) 299-3771 to speak with one of our pharmacists. We look forward to serving you.