Not every pharmacy in Indianapolis is a compounding pharmacy like Eagle Highland Pharmacy. Compounding requires special knowledge and training by our pharmacists and is offered to you as a way to customize your prescription to meet your medical needs. Here are the two types of compounding we offer here at Eagle Highland Pharmacy.

Specialty Compounding

Our Indiana pharmacists can create medications based on your specific needs. People have come to our compounding pharmacy to get medicines for everything from hormone therapy or chronic pain to sports injuries and even veterinary care. We can work with you and your physician to create a specialized prescription to best meet your individual needs.

Alternative Medications

Many people struggle to take certain types or forms of medication. For example, your husband or child may struggle to swallow a pill in any form. Our pharmacists can adjust the medication to be in a liquid or even a powder to be ingested more easily. Additionally, we can add flavors or adjust dosages to help your body be able to handle the medication.

If you’re having trouble with your current medication, contact Eagle Highland Pharmacy at 317-299-3771 to ask about the possibility of a compounding solution. Our compounding pharmacy can work with you and your physician to help you find a prescription that works for you and enhances your overall health.

Eagle Highland Pharmacy is a local compounding pharmacy and medical supplier to the greater Indianapolis area. We pride ourselves in giving you personalized care and attention for all your pharmaceutical and medical supply needs now and in the future.