No one wants to get sick—especially over the holidays. It’s the time for merriment, gift-giving, parties, and being together with the people you love, not sneezing and wheezing and spending all day in bed. While our team at Eagle Highland Pharmacy will gladly help take care of you if you do fall ill, we’d rather help you prevent it so you can fully appreciate this joyful season. To do your best to stay healthy over the holidays, take heed of these five tips.

Holiday Health Tips

1. Get plenty of rest & water.

If you’re tired, run down, and dehydrated, your body isn’t going to be strong enough to fend off all those germs you encounter at the shopping mall or your daughter’s holiday musical. So even though you may have mountains of presents to wrap, be sure to get plenty of sleep and keep a water bottle by your side. (Also, be sure to check out our blog on the benefits of drinking water.)

2. Wash your hands often.

When you’re out shopping or at a party, it’s hard to remember to keep your hands clean. But when you’re in public, it’s easy to pick up germs without knowing it. While you don’t need to wash your hands every time you hug a relative, at least wash your hands before you eat or before/after you leave.

3. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies.

Yes, you can have that Christmas tree cookie. But as much as you can, don’t overindulge on holiday sweets. Instead, try to fill yourself up with green, leafy veggies and various fruits; let that be the lion’s share of your meals. Then have that pie as a sweet exception.

4. Minimize stress.

Getting stressed out can also affect your body’s health, and unfortunately, the holidays can often be a source of that mental or emotional strain. As much as you can, cut out stressors, and focus on the positives of the season. If the cause of that stress is a family member you can’t avoid, just make a plan for your interactions and perhaps minimize the amount of time spent together.

5. Don’t ignore an impending illness.

If someone in your home gets sick or you start to feel ill, don’t act like it isn’t happening. We understand that you want to keep all those holiday traditions, but you also need to fight that illness with rest, water, and anything else your doctor prescribes.

While we hope you can stay healthy over the holidays, know that our team at Eagle Highland Pharmacy is prepared to help you if you do get sick. We are a compounding pharmacy located off Crawfordsville Road in Indianapolis, IN. In addition to filling prescriptions, we are stocked with medical supplies and mobility aids should you slip and fall on the ice. To find out more or to ask one of our trusted pharmacists a question, contact us today at 317-299-3771, or stop by during our regular business hours.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay