Lift chairs, also known as rise or recliner chairs, feature a powered lifting device that pushes the entire chair up from the base so it assists the user to move more easily into a standing position. Lift chairs are useful for the elderly or disabled. Lift chairs aid in comfort and mobility, and they also promote independence for the users.

Lift Chair Positions

Lift chairs can move into several different positions to help make those with limited mobility more comfortable. The four general lift chair positions include the following: 

  • Two position: This lift chair position has a slight recline. As users recline in the two position, their back and thighs will stay at a 90-degree angle. This position is not meant for sleeping.
  • Three position: The three position reclines the lift chair into a 135-degree angle. This is meant for users who wish to sleep in the lift chair.
  • Infinite position: The infinite position allows lift chairs to go fully flat, and the back and feet can move independently. Lift chairs often recline from the infinite position into a Trendelenburg position, which allows users to lay with their feet higher than their heart.
  • Zero gravity position: This position is even more reclined than the Trendelenburg position, and users will find themselves with their legs above their heart. The zero gravity position is intended for those who have problems bathing, circulation issues, and reduced lung capacity.

Not only do lift chairs come with several different positions for your needs, but some also come equipped with heat and massage options.

Lift chairs can reduce the pain associated with getting in and out of a chair for those with mobility issues. Lift chairs are just as comfortable as standard recliners, but have the added ability to gently lift you up out of your chair to a standing position or to lower you into the chair from a standing position. You control the lift chair with a hand-held remote.

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