No one plans for a broken leg or sprained ankle, so when your doctor prescribes crutches for the next four weeks, you feel a bit at a loss. Your mind begins to race, “Where am I supposed to find crutches in Indianapolis? Do I have to buy or can I just rent them?”

Don’t stress. Instead, come to Eagle Highland Pharmacy. We are Indy’s medical supply expert and compounding pharmacy, serving Indianapolis residents since 1987. We carry several different types of crutches in stock, including tall, adult, and youth aluminum sizes as well as specialty crutches.


At Eagle Highland Pharmacy, we know most people don’t plan (or don’t look forward to) needing a crutch or cane, so we try to make the experience as easy and affordable as possible. You can either rent or purchase crutches, depending on how long you need them. Currently, the rental rate is $10.50 per week. If you need crutches for more than four weeks, you may want to consider purchasing your own pair for $41.25.

From crutches, canes, walkers, and other safety and mobility products, Eagle Highland Pharmacy is an Indiana business that aims for the best in customer service. Our pharmacists and customer service team are ready to serve you and help you get the best in pharmaceutical care.

Do you have additional questions about crutches or other medical supplies? Contact us at 317-299-3771, or stop by our Indianapolis location to get the answers you need.

photo credit: Warrior Transition Brigade via photopin (license)