Your Indianapolis Compound Medication Experts!

In addition to our regular pharmacy services, Eagle Highland Pharmacy provides specialty compounded products. Compounded medication is physician-prescribed medication that is formulated just for you - and we are your Indianapolis compounding experts. While not approved by the FDA, compounding pharmacies are regulated by state boards.

Our patients may turn to compounded medications for a variety of reasons:
-Unable to ingest the pill or capsule form of the medication
-Allergy to a dye or component of the medication
-Needs a specific dosage not available in a commercially produced medication

Medications that are commonly compounded for patients include a range of dermatology products as well as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

HRT medications are used for men and women who need to balance out their hormones - women experiencing menopause or men with hormonal fluctuations (such as low testosterone) are often prescribed HRT. Due to the individual nature of hormone levels, a compounding pharmacy can offer medications tailored to a specific person’s hormone needs. HRT medications are bio-identical to the hormones that are naturally occurring in the body. 

If you think a compounded medication might be right for you, please call us today: 317-299-3771. We will work with you and your physician to create your individualized compounded medications.