Lift Chair Information

Eagle Highland Pharmacy cares about you and your healthcare needs. Besides prescription medications, we handle compounding and provide durable medical supplies, including lift chairs. 


Pride Lift Chairs

Eagle Highland Pharmacy carries the Pride Lift Chair, including the Classic Collection and Heritage Collection lines. While we offer two chair lift types, you may prefer a different color or fabric to what we have in stock. That’s OK — we’ll order it for you! It will usually arrive at our store in just one to two days.

Need A Lift?

Lift chairs offer an easier and sometimes even pain-free way for those in need of mobility assistance to get into and out of a chair. Back problems, arthritis, and other illnesses can make getting out of a chair seem almost impossible. A lift chair can help change that.

When you get a new lift chair, you’ll immediately notice the difference between a high-functioning lift chair and an old recliner. A chair lift is just as comfortable as your standard recliner but have the added ability to gently help you up or to lower you into the chair from a standing position. You control the movement with a handheld remote.

Our most frequently ordered and most economical lift chairs here at Eagle Highland are found in the Classic Collection.

Within this collection and the Heritage Collection, you have your choice of different styles including 2-position partial recline and 3-position full recline power lift chairs. Some styles also give you heat and massage options. In both product lines you have a choice of several fabric and color options.

Eagle Highland Pharmacy is your personal Indy pharmacy with a small hometown feel. Aside from handicap lift chairs, we stock support braces, catheters, adult diapers, shower chairs, crutches, canes, walkers, and wheel chairs, including wheelchair rental. Call us today at 317-299-3771 to learn more or visit our Indy pharmacy for assistance.