• Is CBD Right For Me?

    Are you curious about CBD? These days, it seems that CBD products are available everywhere you turn, from the gas station to the coffee shops. Eagle Highland Pharmacy is no exception: we do stock numerous CBD products.

    Unlike your random mall kiosk, we’re your trusted source for CBD products in Indianapolis.
  • Your Indianapolis Compound Medication Experts!

    In addition to our regular pharmacy services, Eagle Highland Pharmacy provides specialty compounded products. Compounded medication is physician-prescribed medication that is formulated just for you - and we are your Indianapolis compounding experts.
  • Free Webinar: Regain control of your life!

    Finding the root cause of your anxiety. Hosted by Pharmacist, Ryan Barton. Free to attend, sign up here:Eventbrite Date and time:Tue, Nov 15, 2022...
  • Which Supplements Are Actually Foundational?

    I would like to say that, when we eat a healthy diet based on fresh, clean, and whole foods, we will get an adequate supply of vitamins, antioxida...
  • Compounded Medications

    Learn More: Compounding is "the procedure of combining, mixing, or changing substances to produce a drug customized to the specific needs of a pati...