Meet The Team


Becoming a pharmacist is a life-long dream come true for Kevin. After experiencing childhood illness, he found purpose in pursuing a career in healthcare.

Kevin graduated from the Butler University pharmaceutical program and began his career at a pharmacy in Evansville in 2015. He joined the Eagle Highland Pharmacy team in 2022. 

Beyond serving pharmacy patients, Kevin has been involved in pharmacy management projects like updating pharmacy systems and implementing automation programs for more efficient customer service.

Kevin enjoys hiking, attending car shows, and exploring local restaurants.



Lindsey Barton

Lindsey Barton studied Exercise Science and Business at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and explains that she’s passionate about PEOPLE more than anything else.

“My goal has always been to work in an environment that allows me to help others, to ensure that customers and patients are being treated fairly and kindly and are being encouraged to remain safe and healthy,” she said. 

“The existence of the thriving, supportive community at the pharmacy has been one of my greatest joys. Getting to know the people that come in and learning how we can help them, has allowed me to build relationships I will always treasure.” 

Outside of her work at the pharmacy, Lindsey spends time with her husband, Ryan, and their dog, Cooper! She enjoys playing tennis, hiking, spending time at the lake, and traveling. 


Ryan Barton

A life-long Indianapolis resident and Butler University graduate.

“Getting to know our customers is a great source of personal pride for me,” he explains. “I find that it not only allows for a greater trust in the dispensing and discussion of their medications and prescriptions, but it also helps me provide treatments and advice at a greater success rate.”

Ryan is a third generation pharmacist, and both of his grandpas owned their own pharmacy. Midway through his pursuit of a doctorate in pharmacy, Ryan knew he wanted to own his own pharmacy.  “It’s so important to see first-hand the impact you have on your patients and how their lives can drastically improve with the correct support,” he said. 

“I also found that constantly developing your own skills by taking an interest in innovative practices not only means that my customers are always receiving the best care, but that I am constantly progressing my own education too.” 

Ryan and Lindsey run Eagle Highland Pharmacy with their customers in mind at every step. “I jumped at the chance to challenge myself to run a successful business, learning not only how to be successful out front with customers, but also in the back at the very foundations of what makes a pharmacy run smoothly and successfully.”  

Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Lindsey, and their dog Cooper in his spare time. He plays rugby and tennis and enjoys exploring the craft beer and distilling scenes. 


Cooper Barton

Cooper is the best “shop dog” around! Our hypoallergenic, friendly pooch is on site to greet customers and offer a supportive paw each day!

Cooper was born in 2014 and works hard supervising the team at Eagle Highland Pharmacy. He’s a fan favorite among customers and takes great pride in making their day.

He lives with pharmacy owners Ryan and Lindsey Barton. He enjoys long walks, swimming, plentiful treats, and chasing tennis balls.