Diabetic Shoes Information

Who Needs Diabetic Footwear?

Dealing with and preventing complications is a concern for many diabetics. Foot problems are common for people with diabetes and can lead to ulceration and — in extreme cases — amputation. If you suffer from diabetes, why not ensure the health of your feet by getting diabetic shoes from Eagle Highland Pharmacy? 

Twenty-five percent of diabetics will struggle with foot complications during the course of their life. Diabetes damages nerves and blood vessels, especially in the legs and feet, making it difficult to feel or recover from foot ulcers or other trauma.

The skin on your feet also dries out more quickly than usual, leaving it prone to cracking and peeling. The skin is therefore much more likely to break down and become infected, which can ultimately lead to amputation. Diabetic footwear can help maintain healthy blood circulation and prevent these medical issues.


Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes in Indianapolis

At Eagle Highland Pharmacy, we offer Dr. Comfort diabetic footwear. Dr. Comfort is the leading provider of shoes for diabetics, offering both comfort and style that’s carefully designed using the highest-quality materials available. Dr. Comfort shoes are also ideal for people living with other conditions that affect their feet, including swelling, bunions, hammertoes, and are great for anyone who desires a comfortable shoe.

When coming in to order your shoes, we’ll take an exact measurement of your feet to ensure that the shoe, sneaker, slipper, sandal, or work boot you choose has the perfect fit. In some cases, widths from Narrow up to 4X-Wide are available.

We can order any kind of shoe Dr. Comfort provides, and in all sizes. Diabetic sneakers and shoes from Dr. Comfort are often covered by Medicare for patients with diabetes.

Diabetic Socks

Do you find that regular socks don’t provide the comfort you need? Our diabetic socks offer non-irritating, smooth, seamless toes, as well as extra padding for the foot, moisture-wicking fabric, and anti-microbial treatments.

Eagle Highland Pharmacy carries many brands of diabetic socks, including Dr. Comfort, Jobst, Bell-Horn, and more. They are available with or without compression and a range of styles, including anklet, crew, and knee-high lengths.

Don’t put your health in danger by risking foot complications. Contact Eagle Highland Pharmacy today at 317-299-3771 for more details, or stop by our Indianapolis pharmacy.