Crutches, Canes, and Walkers Information

Eagle Highland Pharmacy offers crutches, walkers, and canes for sale at our Indianapolis pharmacy. 

When you’re having difficulty walking due to an injury or illness, let us help you choose the cane, crutches or walker that will help you maintain independence and provide the security you desire.

Nova Canes

Eagle Highland Pharmacy carries the Nova brand of canes and crutches for all your walking needs. Lest you think you need to give up your personal style when using a cane, rest assured we stock a wide variety of canes including beautiful wood walking canes, decorative walking sticks, aluminum adjustable canes, folding canes, specialty canes, and quad canes. You’ll find the innovative walking cane with a seat in our list of specialty canes. Never worry again about tiring out and not being able to find somewhere to sit when you have your cane.

Nova Crutches

Eagle Highland Pharmacy also stocks the Nova brand of crutches. If you’ve recently taken a tumble and need some assistance walking, check out our line of crutches. We carry tall, adult, and youth aluminum crutches. Looking for something special? You many find it in our line of elbow, bariatric, and forearm crutches. We also stock orthopedic braces, compression stockings, wheelchairs, and many other medical supplies.

Knee Walkers

You’ll be happy to know that Eagle Highland Pharmacy carries knee walkers. This popular alternative to crutches can be hard to find, but we keep them in stock at our store. Knee walkers fold up, are easily maneuverable, and don’t leave your arms and back sore. People recovering from foot or ankle injuries or surgeries find they can more easily maintain their independence and active lifestyle with the use of a knee walker. Those with arthritis, neuromuscular disorders and diabetic patients with Charcot joint disease may also find a wheeled walker helpful.

Folding Walkers And Rollators

Eagle Highland Pharmacy carries both folding walkers by Invacare and Guardian and rollators made by Nova. The walkers are customizable in that you can add three- or five-inch wheels to the front, along with brakes, wheelbrakes, or glides to the rear. They are available in standard adult, short adult, and bariatric (up to 500 pounds) sizes. We also carry baskets, trays, and pouches for the walkers. A rollator is a more sophisticated walker that comes with four wheels and hand brakes. It also has a seat, and many are equipped with baskets.

Walker, Cane, & Crutches Accessories

If you need accessories to go with your crutches, canes or walkers, you’ll find them at Eagle Highland Pharmacy. Whether your cane needs to be more stable on the ice or you’d like a warm cover for the handle, you’ll find it in our store. We carry replacement tips, handgrips, fleece covers, wrist straps, cane holders, and ice grips.

Rent Or Buy Crutches, Canes And Walkers

Eagle Highland Pharmacy offers the convenient choice of either rental or purchase of your crutches, canes, and walkers in the Indy area. This is especially advantageous if you anticipate a quick recovery time and don’t want to spend the money purchasing your own.

*A $20.00 deposit is required when renting crutches.

*Walkers come in standard adult, short adult, and bariatric sizes.

Eagle Highland Pharmacy will take the time to help with all your pharmacy-related questions. You won’t feel like just a number at our store. Besides crutches, canes, and walkers, we also offer support braces, ostomy bags, adult diapers, catheters, bathroom grab bars, lift chairs, and many other disability aids. Contact us today at 317-299-3771 or come into our Indianapolis pharmacy for professional assistance.