"I am writing this review for them not as a local pharmacy, but as my online supplier of ostomy products through Medicare. There are a few large online businesses that provide this service, but when I checked I could not believe how much they were charging Medicare for them. Maybe with an add-on plan customers don't pay anything and don't care, but I don't qualify yet for an add-on so I pay up front and get reimbursed 80%. Besides, I am a taxpayer and I don't like the waste for their maximum profit.

Anyway, Eagle Highland Pharmacy, known to me online as Ostomy Care Supply, was very helpful getting me set up, letting me know what they needed to process the claim and what that process was. I try not to cut it close, but the shipments do come fairly quickly so that wouldn't be a problem, and the claims have gone through fine. If I lived close, I would try them out as my local pharmacy." 

- Peter, Ostomycaresupply.com Customer, 7/24/20

"Although the Pharmacy is full service and does in house compounding, my wife and I come here because they offer a program where we can rent a traveling wheelchair for a reasonable price.  The folks who work here have pleasant and helpful personalities and keep adding new items or improving the quality of items they offer to best serve their customers.

For those who haven't had mobility problems, know that there is a huge difference between a "regular" wheel chair and a traveling one.  The traveling ones are light weight and are easy for me to load in and out of the back of our van.  For the past two years, we have rented one of the chairs to attend a couple events at Lucas Oil Stadium, having to park a few blocks from the stadium and then wind our way through the inside to our seats.  The lighter weight chair allows me to walk at a much faster pace and negotiate the crowds at the event because it is narrower.  Without the chair, my wife needs to stop along the way and her back pain increases to where it is hard for her to enjoy the event.  With the chair, I get a good workout, move at a pace that is at least as fast as those around us, and know that my wife will be able to enjoy the event.  To my knowledge, this is one of the few places around that I can rent a chair like this.

While there, we also looked into some adjustable recliners that allow adjustments to legs, back, head, and lumbar.  They also lower and raise to the point where they literally help you stand up!  We don't need one yet, but they are something that may be beneficial down the road.

Hopefully, you won't need any of these items for awhile.  But knowing that a place exists that can help make your quality of life much better if you need assistance, is a great peace of mind."

- Ken - Eagle Highland Customer - 11/8/19

For a paraplegic, there's not much more of a nightmare than having a healthcare crisis over a holiday weekend. As someone who relies on a variety of personal and healthcare supplies for both my well-being and my quality of life, despite my tendency toward over-planning I've found myself more than once trying to figure out how to address a serious, at times life-or-death, need during a time when everything in the world is shut down.

Today was such a day.

Not to be overly transparent, but I use catheters in my daily life. I kind of like telling people that because most people can't imagine sticking a small tube well, you know where. While it's certainly not my most pleasant life experience, it's a medical necessity and without it I wouldn't be around for very long. You adapt. You know?

Well, somehow, I lost my last one yesterday in the rush to start my vacation over Labor Day week. I have a back-up always, because I really do plan, but it's not the perfect size and not the ideal type. For years, I've bought my supplies at what used to be Tucker Pharmacy on East Raymond Street - it's now a Walgreen's, but for years it maintained it's devotion to home health supplies. Unfortunately, managed care has overtaken everything and the almighty dollar typically wins. Thus, when I arrived on their doorstep today hoping to buy what I'd always bought from them I was met with "We no longer sell home health supplies."


They referred me to three possible indie pharmacies in the Central Indiana area and the pharmacist, recognizing me from past purchases, made a point of sending me to Eagle Highland noting that they carried a wide variety of urological supplies. While they offered to call them, they never acted like they were going to do so. So, eventually I left and, starting to somewhat panic, decided to drive over to Clermont.

I arrived a little after noon on Saturday, Labor Day weekend. I saw a car or two in the parking lot and thought to myself "Thank you, they're open." There's a race in Clermont this weekend and the streets were packed.

I went up to the door and it was locked. I looked in. I started to panic again thinking maybe they'd just closed. I started to wheel over to try the other door when a woman came to the door and asked if she could help me.

I explained my dilemma and that I'd been referred by the Walgreen's on Raymond. She said "Well, we're closed but come on in. I can help you."

And she did.

This wasn't some huge sale. This was just under $20. She let me in. I explained what I usually use and she said "Yes, we carry that." She took me to it and showed me the options. She never rushed me. I was amazed by her accommodation and her kindness. While I likely would have made it through the weekend, I'd have been uncomfortable at best.

It wasn't until I got home and looked up their website that I realized they aren't even open on Saturdays. They're a small, indie compounding pharmacy with DME options. They're open Monday-Friday. So, someone, I'm assuming an owner or manager, is working on a Saturday to get some things done. She sees someone at the door. She answers the door. She solves, in a matter of minutes, a problem that could have been life-threatening for me and one that, by solving it, only brought in about $20.

Mind blown.

Due to having spina bifida, my body is kind of unique. These aren't common supplies and even if I'd had to wait until Tuesday, I'd have been excited to find a place that carried them. Instead, I got to experience above and beyond customer service that truly made a difference for me and my well-being.

If you live on the westside or in the Clermont area, I highly recommend you give this stellar, customer first local pharmacy your business. While you may not always get the lowest price, you'll be supporting a business that, very obviously, cares about their customers. This place is way out of my way, but I promise you I'll be back.

- Richard - Eagle Highland Customer - 9/2/17