Catheter Information

Eagle Highland Pharmacy offers a variety of urinary catheter products and urological supplies at our Indianapolis pharmacy. If you’re a professional healthcare provider or a caregiver for a family member, rest assured you can find many of your medical supplies directly in our store.

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We stock a wide variety of items including: ostomy bags, adult diapers, and catheter products. We also specialize in prescriptions, compounding, and other medical equipment services.

Urinary Catheter

A urinary catheter is a tube placed in the body to drain and collect urine from the bladder. Eagle Highland Pharmacy stocks some of the major brands that healthcare givers and patients themselves can purchase directly from our store.

We carry the following brands, which include both female and male external urinary catheters:

  • Hollister External Catheters
  • Coloplast Self-cath and External Catheters
  • Bard Red Rubber Intermittent Catheters
  • Bard Foley Catheters
Your healthcare provider may recommend that you use a urinary catheter if you experience any of the following conditions:
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Urinary retention
  • Prostate or genital surgery
  • Other medical conditions such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, or spinal cord injury
Healthcare providers generally use three main types for these conditions:
  • Indwelling urethral or Foley catheters
  • Male external catheter
  • Intermittent (short-term) catheter

Caring For A Catheter

Caring for a catheter is important to protect your body from infection.

  • To care for an indwelling catheter, be sure to clean the area where the catheter exits your body and clean the product itself every day. Also clean the area after every bowel movement.
  • If you have a suprapubic catheter, every day clean the opening in your belly and the tube with soap and water. Then cover it with dry gauze.
  • One helpful tip is to drink plenty of fluids to help prevent infections. Your healthcare provider should be able to give you specific recommendations on your fluid intake each day.
  • Before and after handling the drainage device, be sure to wash your hands. Do not allow the outlet valve to touch anything. If the outlet becomes dirty, wash it with soap and water.

Remember that one of our customer service representatives would be happy to assist you in finding the medical supplies that you need.

For your convenience, we also stock leg catheter bags and bedside catheter bags.

As a supplier of durable medical supplies, Eagle Highland Pharmacy can provide you with many of the other items you need for your patients or personal use, such as compression stockings, orthopedic braces and independent living aids.