Safety and Mobility Information

If you’re working in the healthcare field, or simply concerned about the safety of a loved one, come to Eagle Highland Pharmacy for an extensive choice of safety and mobility products. We specialize in durable medical equipment, as well as prescriptions and compounding pharmacy services.

Grab Bars And Other Bath Safety Products

Falls in the bathroom can be a scary reality for the elderly or infirm. Reduce the risk of that happening by installing safety products such as grab bars, a shower chair, handrails, and a raised toilet seat. These simple fixes can allow your loved one a greater degree of safety and give you peace of mind. You’ll find an assortment of these and other products in our pharmacy.

Crutches, Canes, And Walkers

For those times when you need mobility assistance, you’ll find that Eagle Highland Pharmacy stocks just about every type of mobility product. We can accommodate people of all sizes, because most of our products are available in pediatric, adult, and tall sizes. We carry rollators, folding walkers, and the popular knee walkers, as well as the Nova line of canes and crutches. We also carry specialty products such as wood walking canes and walking canes with a seat.

Lift Chairs

When back problems or other mobility issues make it difficult for you or a loved one to get into or out of a chair, Eagle Highland Pharmacy has the solution: a lift chair. The Pride Lift Chair gives you the mobility assistance needed to take the stress out of standing or sitting. We keep two lift chairs in stock at all times, but you may also order this product in several different colors and styles. Orders usually arrive at our pharmacy in just one to two days.

Daily Living Aids

When finding it difficult to complete some daily tasks or hobbies due to your health, check out our aids to daily living section in our pharmacy. Here you’ll find products such as grabbers, dining aids, dressing aids, and medication aids that will allow you to be more independent again in your daily life.

Wheel Chairs, Purchase and Rental

Eagle Highland carries the Invacare Tracer EX2, a manual wheelchair available in 16-, 18-, and 20-inch seat widths. This convenient, hemi-height wheelchair allows you to adjust the height of the seat. We also carry transport wheelchairs, our lightest and most portable option. This product does require an attendant to push the chair. Both the manual and transport wheelchair are available for purchase or rental. Also, keep in mind we can work with you if you need a power wheelchair for the short term. Just ask!

Pricing and Rental Rates 

*A $50.00 deposit is required when renting a wheelchair.

*A $20.00 deposit is required when renting crutches or a transport chair.

*Walkers come in standard adult, short adult, and bariatric sizes.

Eagle Highland Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy specializing in prescriptions, compounding, and durable medical equipment such as mobility products.

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